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Group Therapy

Feeling like you have no emotional support? Looking for a safe space to process with people who may have similar life experiences with you? Or maybe just wanting to try a different type of mental health service? Try group therapy!

Like individual therapy, group therapy has helped many people improve their lives. I offer several different groups to help people like you build thriving communities which empower and uplift its members. I have facilitated groups with people of different ages, ethnicities, and gender identities for years while addressing issues like abuse and domestic violence, systemic oppression, and cultural identity. Those groups provided members, myself included, with a sense of belonging and reassurance in the form of the thought, “I’m not alone.” That's as true today as it was back then, and guess what - you're not alone either!

For those who feel like you want to join a group but are too afraid to share your story with group members, I encourage you to join us and listen to others. Listening to the stories of others can often help us reflect on our own stories to make room for insight and growth. Some common topics of discussion are communication styles, abuse and domestic violence, setting boundaries, love languages, and anger management. My groups are safe spaces where you are encouraged to move at your pace. In other words, no one is going to make you share your story before you're ready!  

As a Marriage & Family Therapist licensed in the State of California, I am only able to provide mental health services to residents of California. Unfortunately, if you don't live in California, I cannot facilitate Individual or Group Therapy services with you. I look forward to serving my fellow residents of the Golden State!

How It Works

There are 3 steps to participating in Group Therapy with me:

Once we have completed a Consultation and decided Group Therapy is a good fit for you, I will send you Intake paperwork to complete. Prior to participating in Group Therapy, it is required to complete the Intake paperwork which, like the Intake paperwork for Individual Therapy, includes your rights as a client in therapy as well as general information about my practice.

Each group begins with a relaxing technique (meditation, visualization, guided imagery) which leads into some prompts and open discussions mixed with a healthy dose of education about mental health concepts from yours truly. In addition, I assign homework for you to practice new habits and provide you with resources to support with any ongoing needs. By practicing these things inside and outside of Group, you will learn skills to help with setting healthy boundaries, managing emotions, and maintaining equality in relationships. 

Please note that I framed it as participating in Group Therapy, while on a different tab I listed 3 steps for completing Individual Therapy. Since we are an inclusive bunch who are always accepting new group members in need, that means there are new connections to be made every week. These connections then open the door for more seasoned group members to show what they've learned by engaging in, sometimes even leading, insightful discussions regarding the concepts covered in previous weeks. We can't wait for you to join us at our next group!​

Weekly Groups

I facilitate 4 different weekly groups held over telehealth sessions:

1 hr


Wednesdays @ 6pm

Women's Domestic Abuse Group

In my experience, I've found a consistent need for women to find a safe and supportive community. And as a man, I recognize how important it is to be aware of how my presence can be both a corrective experience as well as a triggering one. That's why this group is less about me sharing my expertise (not to be a negative-Nancy, but let's face it, I have no expertise in being a woman), and more about you becoming the positive-Penelope you truly are! All with the support of others who may have similar experiences. Some topics of discussion will be identifying domestic abuse, setting healthy boundaries, and promoting equality in relationships. 

1 hr


Thursdays @ 6pm

Men's Domestic Abuse Group

For men of all colors and ages, this group is held weekly via teletherapy sessions. Modern men often struggle with anger management and poor conflict resolution or communication skills due to gender stereotypes which have taught us from a young age that the only emotion we can show is anger. While we let our other emotions, like hurt, shame, embarrassment, and sadness, brew under the surface out of fear of being called "too sensitive", we know it's perfectly fine to show anger. For many of us, it's easier to just go with the toxic masculinity than it is to call it out for what it is - stupid and ignorant. If that describes you, then join us at our next group! 

1 hr


Tuesdays @ 6pm

Transgender & Non-Binary Group

Do I know what it's like to be Transgender or Non-Binary? No. But do I know what it's like to feel different? Yes! And do I know what it's like to need acceptance? Hell yes! For individuals exploring their gender identity, finding a group where they feel accepted and encouraged to be themselves can be difficult. I'm offering this group specifically for people of Transgender and Non-Binary gender identities to create a safe space for growth and community-building during weekly teletherapy meetings. Group members will participate in mindfulness activities and will be encouraged to reflect on their personal journeys when they feel ready. Whether you're still exploring your gender identity or are as sure in your gender expression, preferred name and pronouns as one could be, we all feel more supported when we know that safe space exists.

1 hr


Mondays @ 6pm

Assertiveness Group

Talking with others about our boundaries doesn’t always feel good; so sometimes we might let things go instead of asserting ourselves. People who are used to passive and passive-aggressive communication styles often feel they can’t be assertive without being aggressive. I, and the rest of this group, are here to tell you that’s not the case - and that you can assert yourself in a way that gets both attention and respect. This group meets weekly to support people of all races and gender identities who are over the age of 18 and struggle with communication skills a bit more than others.

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