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Intake for Individual Therapy

After a Consultation is completed, Individual Therapy will begin with a 60-minute Intake appointment. All of my meetings are held over confidential video chat via Zoom. The Intake appointment is a critical part of starting Individual Therapy where I typically get a good feel for what your goals are and how to best help you. I do this by asking about your history and utilizing mental health assessments which look at mental health symptoms.

As a Marriage & Family Therapist licensed in the States of California, Arizona, and Vermont, I am only able to provide mental health services to residents of California, Arizona, and Vermont. Unfortunately, if you don't live in California, Arizona, or Vermont, I cannot facilitate Individual or Group Therapy services with you.

How It Works

Prior to beginning Individual Therapy, you will need to complete three tasks:

Attend a 15-minute Consultation meeting held on Zoom. This meeting is for us both to learn more about each other and how good of a fit the client-therapist relationship may be.

Read, sign, and return the Intake paperwork which I will send to you using a secure email address. This paperwork covers your rights as a client in therapy as well as general information regarding my practice.

Pay for your Intake appointment through Ivy Pay - a HIPAA-compliant and 100% confidential payment system made just for therapists. For more information on payments go to the FAQ section or go to:

Ready to Get Started?

Once you have completed these three steps, I will facilitate your Intake for Individual Therapy. At the Intake we will review your completed paperwork and answer any remaining questions you may have. We will also complete a few standard mental health assessments to better define what brings you to therapy. 

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