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"Keeping Youth Safe"

You have tried everything with your kid or teen and things still aren't getting better. You've received calls from their teachers and you're having a hard time getting them to listen at home.

For parents, knowing that you have tried your best but things remain the same is exhausting. In these times, it can be helpful to bring in a new adult to talk to them.

In therapy with kids and teens, we connect on common interests, play games, make art, and establish a safe space before diving into deeper issues. Once we have that safe space to operate in, we can process issues which they may be struggling with.

Some issues we commonly treat in kids and teens are social anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma or abuse, addictions (screens, social media, video games, alcohol, drugs, etc.), self-harm (cutting, skin picking, etc.), suicidal thoughts, and gender identity.

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