Trauma & Abuse

Trauma can impact people in many different ways. Often times, it can leave scars on our mind or body which are painful and debilitating. When triggered, these trauma scars can make us feel unheard, unworthy, or unsafe.

With the support of a trained trauma therapist, you can feel heard, worthy, and safe again. Each of these goals is accomplished in specific ways.

To feel heard, clients are encouraged to share their traumatic memories once they feel ready. To feel worthy, we will explore core memories and how they relate to your trauma narrative. To feel safe, mindfulness and grounding skills will help you find that happy place.

To experience PTSD is to feel completely out of control. What is in your control is the ability to contact a well-trained trauma therapist. We have numerous therapists ready to help you recover from the impact of trauma - and we look forward to helping you.

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